Winter and your local Pests, are they really active?

Most people would believe that spring, summer, and fall are the busiest times for the local pests around your home or business to be active….completely false. Think about it carefully. When it’s cold outside, where do you want to be? I thought so! And pests feel exactly the same way, too. During these freakishly cold days in the Rio Grande Valley, people are calling in more often about your everyday average pest coming into their homes or business. Which is why we recommend you call the best pest control company in Brownsville Tx !

If you live in Brownsville and/or it’s surrounding cities, you should feel glad to know that you have one of the best pest control companies at your service. They have services our home and small portrait shop multiple times and I’m glad to say…. it’s been worth it! We’ve actually had them come in December to do a quick check in our home as we saw more and more proof of pests coming into our home and business. Our business was just as critical since we house many of the valuable (to us at least) paintings and works of art from local artists within our shop. Even though it’s still a couple of months before our next “Artistic Fair”, we decided that it would be wise to get someone to take care of what was seeming to be the start of a pest issue which included roaches and ants (we also heard some movement in the attic but we dared not go up there 😉 ).


We are very fortunate to say that we avoided having mice and other, larger pests crawling around, who knows what our prized possessions would have looked like then. We were so happy with the results of the treatment to our properties and the special treatment we were given by the pest control company that we decided to get on board with a quarterly plan. Why you ask? It’s simple, the way they explained it is that a quarterly plan comes with some guarantees that we felt were in our best interest. We won’t go into detail as far as the guarantees go as we prefer you contact them or your preferred pest control company as we are more than sure each of these companies have their set of values and guarantees.

In a way, it was a blessing in disguise as we came to meet some great people who we really liked and really enjoyed how they took the time to explain the products used and what they would be doing and what to do in the event of an emergency.


Anyway, take good care of your property during winter because those pests just don’t stop!

It Feels Like Summer…..Again!

summer time heat in south texas



Spring is already here, but here in deep South Texas, it seems as if Mother Nature has bypassed spring and jumped straight into summer! With temperatures already hitting daily highs into the 90’s and humidity in the 70 percentile, we must do our best to prepare for the extreme heat that is still yet to come. Of the most important areas to focus on would be the ability to keep ourselves cool while indoors both day and night, so if you haven’t taken the time of the nice, subtle, winter season that has just passed and had your HVAC unit checked or serviced, then you may end up having the contact the best ac repair company in Brownsville Tx should your existing unit break down.

There are many great HVAC companies to select from but before you do, make sure you check out their websites (if they don’t have one, move on) and see if they have any reviews on Facebook or on Google+. That will give you the best insight to who you would like to work on your air conditioning system. Don’t always choose the cheapest, remember the old saying….”you get what you pay for” and in the Rio Grande Valley, we say “mas barato, mas caro” which translates to “the cheaper it is, the more expensive it turns out”.

It would be a horrible situation to find yourself in should your AC malfunction during excessive heat, and we here at have had issues in the recent years with our rickety old unit malfunctioning when we need it most.

Because we have various types of art from oil paintings, to pottery, and even some wax figures, it’s important for our location to maintain a consistent cool temperature throughout the summer months. I clearly recall one summer when our average heat was between 102-115 (depending what part of the valley you are in) and even with our HVAC system working well (not efficiently) we found ourselves gasping for a cool down many a days. It just seemed that the heat and humidity was so oppressive that we just couldn’t get a break. And if you’ve ever been in a tropical rainforest, they you know what I mean that it seems to get worse after the rare summertime shower poured down on us. Rain seemed to evaporate into humidity almost as quickly as it had fallen.



To my surprise, there were/are still many people who live in our South Texas area who do not have the comfort of an AC unit within their home or in some cases, their place of business. Many believe they can not simply afford something as expensive as an HVAC system and in most cases, there are correct. They don’t realize there is assistance available from many entities and the actual HVAC businesses themselves. Many times they end up hoping for help and there are local charities that collect fans and distribute them to as many as possible, but unfortunately, they can’t provide for everyone.

So we should be thankful for what we have the chance to have within our homes and/or businesses and not take for granted that these systems do not last forever and they do need maintenance and care just like everything else we have, including ourselves…..

Art in the Strangest Places

Art is everywhere around us whether we admit it or not or if we recognize it or not. I tend to view the world as a huge canvass and imagine everything I see as a form of modern art. As the title presents, we can all find art in the strangest of places, or even places that display strange art. My most recent visit to the best family dental practice in Brownsville Tx let me to some really visual displays of art, not only in the waiting area, but within the various patient rooms as well.

I’m not sure why one would place such pieces of art in the patients’ area but at least in the waiting area, one can be visually engrossed in the dramatic color schemes and patterns of the various paintings on the wall. Some have vibrant colors that for some strange reason, seem to work well with the off-gray color of the interior walls. Other paintings seem to utilize off-set patterns that sort of, in my honest opinion, interrupt the general “boring” flow of a dentist’s office. Either way, it seems to work rather well and believe it or not, the colors of the various displays not only work well with the office color scheme, but bring out the contrast of colors on the office logo. Am I reading too much into this? I don’t know but who ever chose the color palette and displays obviously knows what they’re doing, because it works.

Now, in the patients’ area, it’s a whole different world all together. The rooms are comfortably equipped with modern essentials one would find at home, such as a TV with cable for various stations to navigate through, an area to plug into to listen to your music if you’d rather not watch television. And there again, placed in the most unthinkable area, is a display of a type of art with it’s bold colors and distorted patterns. Very unusual, I might add, to have such displays within the dental work area. Does it work? For me, it sure did. I couldn’t help just stare and admire the displays and I found myself surprised when the work done on me was over…. and I didn’t even realize it!

Each room has a unique display, however, I did notice that each room has a particular theme and the art displayed seemed to endorse the themes at a whole new level. Very clever! Even the area where dental X-rays are taken has a rather unusual multiple display as now x-rays are done standing and the equipment rotates around your head… a whole 360 degrees. Pretty cool, huh?

Other areas that I’ve noticed such displays of art have come to be in other public places… namely, public bathrooms.

Why would you invest in art for such a place when you know that vandalism is inevitable? And to no surprise, graffiti took hold of these dramatic pieces in the men’s room. I sincerely hope they were not originals and that they did not cost the business too much!

So art exists all around us and whether you recognize it or not, the world is a canvass and just as there are many beautiful, vibrant displays around the world, so too are there displays that are dominated by those who prefer to “ruin” with their graffiti ways. I guess art comes in all forms.

Design without Borders

Although our blog is dedicated to art, art can and does extend beyond the borders of traditional expectations. I’m specifically talking about web design in brownsville tx whereas many traditional artists have taken to the internet and utilize design not only for themselves but their clientele as well.

Design has taken so many strides over the years and although many believed that traditional web design and development would remain just that, a development, or better yet, a design with no meaning and no real function, these new age web designers have proved traditional believers wrong. With so many advanced programs and software to enhance web design, it’s no wonder web development has remained a function of the past, meaning, web development is now more reserved for database building and programs that enable a user to input criteria whereas web design has taken on a beauty of its own. Not only is modern web design beautiful, but it’s also functional.

Let’s take into consideration colors. Colors have different effects on people and businesses/companies alike know this. So they now utilize modern web designers to configure websites with specific colors in order to entice visitors to take action. These colors don’t necessarily have to be on the background, they can take the form of hover effects over certain text and buttons as an example.

Design can also include .svg or vector graphics. Utilizing curves or straight lines in various thicknesses and again, colors, guides the visitors to take action and convert to paying customers. Who would’ve thought web design in the 21st century could be used to encourage purchases?

Aside from colors are now effects and one of the most popular effects in modern web design happens to be called parallax. What is parallax? It’s simple placing an image at a certain point on the web page and having it move at a different speed and even a different direction as the visitor scrolls through the site. This adds a wonderful eye catching effect, however, some designers have utilized scrolling effects a bit too much on a single page which I believe takes away from the actual experience. So my suggestion…if you are going to use parallax scrolling effects…don’t over do it.

Another great feature of modern web design is page transitions. These transitions can vary from flipping up or down or sliding from left to right or vice versa, you get the point. The object of page transitions as you browse through a website’s pages is to capture the moment of transition. Too many times web designers overload the website their working on with too much java scripts or jquery which makes the performance of the website slow down which is a bad thing to do for your clients.

In my opinion, beauty of a functional web design includes color, functionality, scrolling, and minimal effects. My belief is if we put too much on the front end, it may actually have an adverse effect on the visitor. I for one do not like too much happening on a website when I’m visiting so for all those of you reading this who are web designers, please do not take offense and keep it a little simpler.

In all, web design has made sow many leaps and bounds over the years and it continues to improve with new styles coming out known as WEBGl which utilizes 3D graphics and effects without using flash and is pure code based….Wow!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my latest post and I look forward to writing for you in 2017 with my first post coming as soon as January 2017 kicks in!

Happy Holidays!

Art in the hands of Thieves

One of the problems we as artists face is the theft of our creations. Although there are various types of theft when it comes to or involves art, such as theft by duplication, theft by re-painting a portrait and try to pass it off as an original, or last but not least, the physical theft of the actual art itself.

I’ll be referring to the last example from here on.

In recent news, physical theft of a piece of art is what thieves are looking for. It’s strange to believe how these people can know what’s valuable and what isn’t. This hold true with a recent event from a local gallery in Brownsville, TX . This gallery is fairly new, only 3-4 years old, and houses no truly significant pieces like a Van Gogh, but many of the upcoming artists in the valley depend on sales of their work and use this gallery as their funnel.  Thankfully, the gallery has acquired the services of the best alarm company in Brownsville Tx to help not only secure the location but update many of the newest technology to help deter these unwanted criminals.



One of initial deterrent items installed was an HD security camera system capable of giving visuals as far out as 300+ feet and fully equipped with night vision and motion sensors to get the cameras to turn on at the moment a heat spot is sensed. Another one of the great features installed was the use of wireless technology for the actual alarm system itself. There are no more wires running from the main interface or keypad to the sensors, all communicate via wireless GSM chips, just like our cell phones use.

With this new wireless technology comes an app that can be downloaded to your mobile devices and you can actually arm or disarm your new system without having to key anything in! When the alarm is triggered, your are immediately notified not by a phone call (but it still is done) but by an alert transmitted from your mobile device.

So in this new era of high tech devices, we can honestly say that not only can thieves and criminals use it to do damage, but we can now utilize it ourselves to protect our property. Thank goodness for that!

The great result from this is that these upcoming artists can now safely continue to promote themselves knowing that their most precious projects are safe as they should be. Most people don’t realize the time we, as artists, invest into our projects and it can literally take some of us months to finish that one painting or sculpture that we deem to be our masterpiece, only to be taken from us in the blink of an eye.

Thank goodness for those who help protect what’s most valuable to use.


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