Art in the hands of Thieves

One of the problems we as artists face is the theft of our creations. Although there are various types of theft when it comes to or involves art, such as theft by duplication, theft by re-painting a portrait and try to pass it off as an original, or last but not least, the physical theft of the actual art itself.

I’ll be referring to the last example from here on.

In recent news, physical theft of a piece of art is what thieves are looking for. It’s strange to believe how these people can know what’s valuable and what isn’t. This hold true with a recent event from a local gallery in Brownsville, TX . This gallery is fairly new, only 3-4 years old, and houses no truly significant pieces like a Van Gogh, but many of the upcoming artists in the valley depend on sales of their work and use this gallery as their funnel. ┬áThankfully, the gallery has acquired the services of the best alarm company in Brownsville Tx to help not only secure the location but update many of the newest technology to help deter these unwanted criminals.



One of initial deterrent items installed was an HD security camera system capable of giving visuals as far out as 300+ feet and fully equipped with night vision and motion sensors to get the cameras to turn on at the moment a heat spot is sensed. Another one of the great features installed was the use of wireless technology for the actual alarm system itself. There are no more wires running from the main interface or keypad to the sensors, all communicate via wireless GSM chips, just like our cell phones use.

With this new wireless technology comes an app that can be downloaded to your mobile devices and you can actually arm or disarm your new system without having to key anything in! When the alarm is triggered, your are immediately notified not by a phone call (but it still is done) but by an alert transmitted from your mobile device.

So in this new era of high tech devices, we can honestly say that not only can thieves and criminals use it to do damage, but we can now utilize it ourselves to protect our property. Thank goodness for that!

The great result from this is that these upcoming artists can now safely continue to promote themselves knowing that their most precious projects are safe as they should be. Most people don’t realize the time we, as artists, invest into our projects and it can literally take some of us months to finish that one painting or sculpture that we deem to be our masterpiece, only to be taken from us in the blink of an eye.

Thank goodness for those who help protect what’s most valuable to use.