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Design without Borders

Although our blog is dedicated to art, art can and does extend beyond the borders of traditional expectations. I’m specifically talking about web design in brownsville tx whereas many traditional artists have taken to the internet and utilize design not only for themselves but their clientele as well.

Design has taken so many strides over the years and although many believed that traditional web design and development would remain just that, a development, or better yet, a design with no meaning and no real function, these new age web designers have proved traditional believers wrong. With so many advanced programs and software to enhance web design, it’s no wonder web development has remained a function of the past, meaning, web development is now more reserved for database building and programs that enable a user to input criteria whereas web design has taken on a beauty of its own. Not only is modern web design beautiful, but it’s also functional.

Let’s take into consideration colors. Colors have different effects on people and businesses/companies alike know this. So they now utilize modern web designers to configure websites with specific colors in order to entice visitors to take action. These colors don’t necessarily have to be on the background, they can take the form of hover effects over certain text and buttons as an example.

Design can also include .svg or vector graphics. Utilizing curves or straight lines in various thicknesses and again, colors, guides the visitors to take action and convert to paying customers. Who would’ve thought web design in the 21st century could be used to encourage purchases?

Aside from colors are now effects and one of the most popular effects in modern web design happens to be called parallax. What is parallax? It’s simple placing an image at a certain point on the web page and having it move at a different speed and even a different direction as the visitor scrolls through the site. This adds a wonderful eye catching effect, however, some designers have utilized scrolling effects a bit too much on a single page which I believe takes away from the actual experience. So my suggestion…if you are going to use parallax scrolling effects…don’t over do it.

Another great feature of modern web design is page transitions. These transitions can vary from flipping up or down or sliding from left to right or vice versa, you get the point. The object of page transitions as you browse through a website’s pages is to capture the moment of transition. Too many times web designers overload the website their working on with too much java scripts or jquery which makes the performance of the website slow down which is a bad thing to do for your clients.

In my opinion, beauty of a functional web design includes color, functionality, scrolling, and minimal effects. My belief is if we put too much on the front end, it may actually have an adverse effect on the visitor. I for one do not like too much happening on a website when I’m visiting so for all those of you reading this who are web designers, please do not take offense and keep it a little simpler.

In all, web design has made sow many leaps and bounds over the years and it continues to improve with new styles coming out known as WEBGl which utilizes 3D graphics and effects without using flash and is pure code based….Wow!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my latest post and I look forward to writing for you in 2017 with my first post coming as soon as January 2017 kicks in!

Happy Holidays!