Art in the Strangest Places

Art is everywhere around us whether we admit it or not or if we recognize it or not. I tend to view the world as a huge canvass and imagine everything I see as a form of modern art. As the title presents, we can all find art in the strangest of places, or even places that display strange art. My most recent visit to the best family dental practice in Brownsville Tx let me to some really visual displays of art, not only in the waiting area, but within the various patient rooms as well.

I’m not sure why one would place such pieces of art in the patients’ area but at least in the waiting area, one can be visually engrossed in the dramatic color schemes and patterns of the various paintings on the wall. Some have vibrant colors that for some strange reason, seem to work well with the off-gray color of the interior walls. Other paintings seem to utilize off-set patterns that sort of, in my honest opinion, interrupt the general “boring” flow of a dentist’s office. Either way, it seems to work rather well and believe it or not, the colors of the various displays not only work well with the office color scheme, but bring out the contrast of colors on the office logo. Am I reading too much into this? I don’t know but who ever chose the color palette and displays obviously knows what they’re doing, because it works.

Now, in the patients’ area, it’s a whole different world all together. The rooms are comfortably equipped with modern essentials one would find at home, such as a TV with cable for various stations to navigate through, an area to plug into to listen to your music if you’d rather not watch television. And there again, placed in the most unthinkable area, is a display of a type of art with it’s bold colors and distorted patterns. Very unusual, I might add, to have such displays within the dental work area. Does it work? For me, it sure did. I couldn’t help just stare and admire the displays and I found myself surprised when the work done on me was over…. and I didn’t even realize it!

Each room has a unique display, however, I did notice that each room has a particular theme and the art displayed seemed to endorse the themes at a whole new level. Very clever! Even the area where dental X-rays are taken has a rather unusual multiple display as now x-rays are done standing and the equipment rotates around your head… a whole 360 degrees. Pretty cool, huh?

Other areas that I’ve noticed such displays of art have come to be in other public places… namely, public bathrooms.

Why would you invest in art for such a place when you know that vandalism is inevitable? And to no surprise, graffiti took hold of these dramatic pieces in the men’s room. I sincerely hope they were not originals and that they did not cost the business too much!

So art exists all around us and whether you recognize it or not, the world is a canvass and just as there are many beautiful, vibrant displays around the world, so too are there displays that are dominated by those who prefer to “ruin” with their graffiti ways. I guess art comes in all forms.