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It Feels Like Summer…..Again!

summer time heat in south texas



Spring is already here, but here in deep South Texas, it seems as if Mother Nature has bypassed spring and jumped straight into summer! With temperatures already hitting daily highs into the 90’s and humidity in the 70 percentile, we must do our best to prepare for the extreme heat that is still yet to come. Of the most important areas to focus on would be the ability to keep ourselves cool while indoors both day and night, so if you haven’t taken the time of the nice, subtle, winter season that has just passed and had your HVAC unit checked or serviced, then you may end up having the contact the best ac repair company in Brownsville Tx should your existing unit break down.

There are many great HVAC companies to select from but before you do, make sure you check out their websites (if they don’t have one, move on) and see if they have any reviews on Facebook or on Google+. That will give you the best insight to who you would like to work on your air conditioning system. Don’t always choose the cheapest, remember the old saying….”you get what you pay for” and in the Rio Grande Valley, we say “mas barato, mas caro” which translates to “the cheaper it is, the more expensive it turns out”.

It would be a horrible situation to find yourself in should your AC malfunction during excessive heat, and we here at have had issues in the recent years with our rickety old unit malfunctioning when we need it most.

Because we have various types of art from oil paintings, to pottery, and even some wax figures, it’s important for our location to maintain a consistent cool temperature throughout the summer months. I clearly recall one summer when our average heat was between 102-115 (depending what part of the valley you are in) and even with our HVAC system working well (not efficiently) we found ourselves gasping for a cool down many a days. It just seemed that the heat and humidity was so oppressive that we just couldn’t get a break. And if you’ve ever been in a tropical rainforest, they you know what I mean that it seems to get worse after the rare summertime shower poured down on us. Rain seemed to evaporate into humidity almost as quickly as it had fallen.



To my surprise, there were/are still many people who live in our South Texas area who do not have the comfort of an AC unit within their home or in some cases, their place of business. Many believe they can not simply afford something as expensive as an HVAC system and in most cases, there are correct. They don’t realize there is assistance available from many entities and the actual HVAC businesses themselves. Many times they end up hoping for help and there are local charities that collect fans and distribute them to as many as possible, but unfortunately, they can’t provide for everyone.

So we should be thankful for what we have the chance to have within our homes and/or businesses and not take for granted that these systems do not last forever and they do need maintenance and care just like everything else we have, including ourselves…..