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Winter and your local Pests, are they really active?

Most people would believe that spring, summer, and fall are the busiest times for the local pests around your home or business to be active….completely false. Think about it carefully. When it’s cold outside, where do you want to be? I thought so! And pests feel exactly the same way, too. During these freakishly cold days in the Rio Grande Valley, people are calling in more often about your everyday average pest coming into their homes or business. Which is why we recommend you call the best pest control company in Brownsville Tx !

If you live in Brownsville and/or it’s surrounding cities, you should feel glad to know that you have one of the best pest control companies at your service. They have services our home and small portrait shop multiple times and I’m glad to say…. it’s been worth it! We’ve actually had them come in December to do a quick check in our home as we saw more and more proof of pests coming into our home and business. Our business was just as critical since we house many of the valuable (to us at least) paintings and works of art from local artists within our shop. Even though it’s still a couple of months before our next “Artistic Fair”, we decided that it would be wise to get someone to take care of what was seeming to be the start of a pest issue which included roaches and ants (we also heard some movement in the attic but we dared not go up there 😉 ).


We are very fortunate to say that we avoided having mice and other, larger pests crawling around, who knows what our prized possessions would have looked like then. We were so happy with the results of the treatment to our properties and the special treatment we were given by the pest control company that we decided to get on board with a quarterly plan. Why you ask? It’s simple, the way they explained it is that a quarterly plan comes with some guarantees that we felt were in our best interest. We won’t go into detail as far as the guarantees go as we prefer you contact them or your preferred pest control company as we are more than sure each of these companies have their set of values and guarantees.

In a way, it was a blessing in disguise as we came to meet some great people who we really liked and really enjoyed how they took the time to explain the products used and what they would be doing and what to do in the event of an emergency.


Anyway, take good care of your property during winter because those pests just don’t stop!